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Board Members

Name: Ferline Buie
Position: President
Phone: 202-526-9250
Years of Service with Teamsters: 44
Words to live By: “What changes we would love to make in others’ lives for Jesus’ sake.  But first we must learn at His feet the things that will make us complete.”

Ferline Buie

Name: Major A. Muhammad
Position: Vice President
Phone: N/A
Background: Graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School and attended Richmond Technical Center where he focused on auto mechanics.  He is A.S.E. certified in automobile and heavy duty equipment.
Years of Service with Teamsters: 11
Words to live By: “The comfort God has given us he wants all to share with others who, with broken hearts, are caught in deep despair.”

Major A. Muhammad

Name: Rudolph Gardner
Position: Secretary-Treasurer
Phone: (240)  338-0554
Years of Service with Teamsters: 24
Background: Born in Calvert County, MD and educated in the Maryland Public School System.  Graduated from Fairmont Heights High School. Completed 2-years of Interior Design School and began working for WMATA in 1986.
Words to live By: “Oh give thanks to the Lord.”

Rudolph Gardner

Name: Maxine Lyons
Position: Recording Secretary
Phone: (202) 636-8181
Years of Service with Teamsters: 10.5
Words to live By: “Stay focused on the Lord.”

Maxine Lyons

Name: Felix O. Odeniran
Position: Trustee
Years of Service with Teamsters: 25
Background: Auto Tech Combo – Avis Rent-A-Car, Shop Steward and Trustee.  Joined the union in 1985.
Words to live By: “Praise the Lord. May God Bless.”

Felix Odeniran

Name: Richard A. Wiggins
Position: Trustee
Phone: (202) 526-9250
Years of Service with Teamsters: 6
Background: Shop Steward, Retired Military.
Words to live By: ”May Peace be Upon You.”

Richard Wiggins

Name: Paul Rucker
Position: Trustee
Phone: (202) 526-9250
Background: Senior driver, trustee and Shop Steward
Years of Service with Teamsters: 29